Summer Learning Loss Study: Can ‘Summer Slide’ Be Prevented?

Summer Learning Loss Study: Can ‘Summer Slide’ Be Prevented?.

I’ve been approached by a few parents recently about summer work for their child and whether or not I feel that children should have an “academic free” summer. Although I am a huge advocate of downtime and exploration, I do feel strongly that there needs to be a balance.

Our students have a very long summer vacation. Going from our rigorous academic schedule to a day long break can feel amazing at first, but after repetition it will have an effect. Something as simple as family book clubs can help be a bridge, or your child seeking a few hours a week with a tutor or small academic group could be the right fit for your family.

If you would like more information on summer suggestions, or want to pursue possible availability for either myself or another Hackley teacher to work with your child, please feel free to contact me! or (914) 366-2660

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