Online Reading Opportunities

Mrs. MacDonald often will use online book clubs during the school year, free of charge, to help reach the needs of the students in the Lower School. Students will be asked to exchange their thinking, respond to prompts, and offer constructive criticism to peers through a password protected Hackley website. Students are not required to be “online” at any particular time. Students from multiple grades and reading ability can participate in the same book; these texts have varying complexity as well as interest levels.
For a certificate of completion within this course, students are required to post one response per chapter or prompt, and remark on another literature circle participant’s response per chapter or prompt as well. The goal is to facilitate an online discussion forum where students have an exchange of thoughts, constructive criticisms and wonderings.Chapters will be assigned by date, and will require the participants to work within deadlines (goals). This will help facilitate student growth in managing their reading stamina and monitoring their thinking while reading. Because each student is responsible to respond to the assigned readings, all participants will receive individualized feedback from Mrs. MacDonald to help them grow as readers within the reading community.
Books that have been shared in the past……


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