No hassle summer work

Hi everyone! Just checking in from the middle of our vacation. Before I left campus, I was asked by a few parents about what they could have their child do during the summer that would help keep their reading and writing skills sharp without making it too much of a chore. Many families automatically resort to the traditional tutor, which definitely works with very specific needs in developing literacy. However, for the bulk of children, they just need to be involved with text and held to some accountability to keep up their stamina and comprehension. I would strongly suggest having your  child join a book group/literacy circle that also requires them to do “something” with their reading (conversations, responses, art, video, music, etc). Children need to be reminded that books can take on a completely different level of entertainment as well as thoughtful engagement when they are asked to analyze and synthesize with it.  If you would like your child to join one of my online literature circles this summer, please follow this link to sign up. It’s open to anyone grades 2-5 that would like to take it,  not just Hackley students.  I hope to see you online soon!

Summer Online Literacy Circles- Mrs. MacDonald

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