Not Impossible

Founded on the principle of Technology for the Sake of Humanity, Not Impossible Labs LLC is an award-winning instigator of innovation and content creator.  Since 2008, Not Impossible Labs has engineered, programmed, hacked and crowd-solved issues of inability and inaccessibility and provided low-cost solutions for the most vulnerable on our planet.

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Collection of the Best DIY Maker Projects | DIY Hacking

ALL DIY PROJECTS Check out our open source DIY projects and start building your own projects for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Intel Edison today. Each tutorial comes with detailed step by step instructions on how to build them. They are also accompanied with pictures and videos for better understanding. If you have any questions about a project, post them below the tutorial as comments and we will get back to you!

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All About Circuits – Electrical Engineering & Electronics Community

Since its founding in 2003, AAC has grown into one of the largest online electrical engineering communities. We are a positive, open community of engineers that enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas. Our community takes pride in educating electrical engineers as they grow their experience and knowledge.

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Thingiverse – Digital Designs for Physical Objects

Thingiverse Education provides over a hundred free lessons that make teaching with a 3D printer easier and more effective for a variety of grade levels and subjects. It also provides a community where educators can exchange best practices or remix projects.

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Alliance for Digital Fabrication Education

Adfab:ED helps young people through education programs using interest-directed problem solving with digital fabrication technology.

The Alliance for Digital Fabrication Education is an 501c3 organization whose mission is to create equal access to meaningful learning opportunities for under-served youth and promote development of critical thinking and design entrepreneurship with the use of digital fabrication tools.

We promote the curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math though direct problem solving with advanced tools and equipment. We believe in the enhancement of our technological progress and economic prosperity through early exposure to digital fabrication technology, and see a future world being balanced by the democratization of digital manufacturing innovations.

Our focus;

  • Project-based and student-centered learning
  • Exposure to mentors and industry professionals
  • Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing track programs
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and citizenship
  • Developing communities of innovation

A short video about adfab:ED learning;

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Lego Engineering

LEGO Engineering is developed by the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), with the support of LEGO Education and innovative teachers from around the globe, including the Engineering Design Group Educators (EDGE).

The mission of LEGO Engineering is to inspire and support teachers in bringing LEGO-based engineering to all students.

The focus of this site is on educators who are ready to go beyond the basics with LEGO-based engineering.

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STEMcentric is a resource for those involved with STEM education, either as a student or instructor.  It is the home for the LEGO Robotics tutorials for the Mindstorms EV3, NXT and even the RCX.  Here you’ll also find a vast array of STEM-related resources, many inherited from the now departed Oregon Pre-engineering and Applied Sciences (OPAS) effort led by Jo Oshiro. STEMcentric is lovingly maintained by FRC Team 1540, the Flaming Chickens.

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TechShop® is a vibrant, creative community that provides access to tools, software and space. You can make virtually anything at TechShop®. Come and build your dreams!TechShop is a vibrant, creative community that provides access to tools, software and space. You can make virtually anything at TechShop. Come and build your dreams here!A playground for creativity, TechShop is an open-access, DIY workshop and fabrication studio. We are a community-based space where entrepreneurs, artists, makers, teachers and students come together to learn and work together.
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Children’s Innovation Project

Children’s Innovation Project embraces innovation as finding something new inside something known. This frame for innovation allows a slow space for children to find small, authentic discoveries and reflect on themselves in relation to the materials they explore. An approach of technology as raw material further supports children’s innovation as it nudges children to work deeply at the grain of technology as they explore with Circuit Blocks, electronic toys, other devices and components. We don’t attach value to technology itself, and we approach technology as a means to learning, not an end. Through a focus on the language-logic systems of technology, children gain access to the thinking of technology, instead of just using the stuff of technology. This access to thinking is supported by teachers who, inside this approach to innovation and technology, also have an opportunity to slow down so they may notice closely processes of children’s thinking. As children explore with a focus on process, not product, children have time to practice habits of mind to notice, wonder and persist and thus begin to embody these habits as internalized sensibilities for their own learning. Children’s Innovation Project supports learning that is interdisciplinary, driven by creative inquiry and aware of the importance of context. Our primary motivation is learning about learning— student learning, teacher learning and community learning. In this way, we seek to shift current educational conversations about making and innovation so educators and policy makers might focus more on supporting processes of thinking and less on technology products.

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MakeSchools is inviting institutional leaders, faculty, students and staff to contribute to this dynamic community resource and help exemplify the value and impact of making on campuses and in their surrounding communities.Launched in Fall 2014, this dynamic online platform will house their contributed content and diverse perspectives will crystalize into rich picture of making in American education.

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