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Publish, share and discover 3D content online and in VR. With a community of over half a million creators contributing over a million models, we are the largest platform to publish, share and discover 3D content online and in VR. Our technology integrates with every major 3D creation tool and publishing platform and supports almost every 3D format directly through our site or using one of our official exporters. Using our universal 3D & VR player, your creations can be embedded on any web page and every major network including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WordPress, Bēhance, DeviantArt and Kickstarter.We are proud to be the official 3D publishing partner of Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Hololens, Intel RealSense and more.

We are backed by great investors, including Balderton Capital, Partech Ventures, Borealis Ventures, Techstars and Firstmark Capital.

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Makerspaces | Edgerton Center


Makerspaces are workshops with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and community in which students can learn, experiment with new tools, develop skills, and become innovators and designers. They can exist as a corner within a classroom, as a portable cart, as a room that is part of a school library or computer lab, or as a stand-alone shop or facility.Makerspace programs can provide significant benefits to a school community in terms of student engagement, empowerment, and content learning as well as 21st century skills.

The design and implementation of a makerspace are critical to its success. While exciting digital tools may draw students in, it’s the empowered learning that keeps students engaged. Makerspace leaders should consider activities, training, and academic integration to be at least as important as the tools and materials.

The Edgerton Center periodically offers workshops for K-12 educators on how best to integrate a makerspace into the classroom. Check this page for upcoming workshops.

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Technology Will Save Us

We are on a mission to spark the creative imagination of young people using hands on technology. Our award winning make-it-yourself kits and digital tools help kids (and the adults that love them) to make, play, code and invent using technology.We started small, around our kitchen table, and have now built a company of 28 passionate designers, educators, engineers and problems solvers – obsessed with inspiring kids and empowering parents to become creators of technology. We have 6 different make it yourse

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Arduino Uno For Beginners – Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Started

More and more makerspaces around the world are looking to add coding and electronics to their maker education programs.  One of the best ways to do this is by integrating an Arduino board into makerspace projects and lessons.We’ve found that a lot of maker educators haven’t taken the plunge into coding or Arduino because they think programming is scary.  Because of this, we wanted to make sure this tutorial was written for the absolute beginner with no experience whatsoever.This tutorial is a high level view of all the parts and pieces of the Arduino ecosystem.  In future posts, we will take you step by step in creating your first simple Arduino project.

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Design Make Teach

Design Make Teach is a blog about MAKING in the classroom. MAKING is a process that engages students in thinking, making and sharing.My name is Josh Ajima. I am a teacher. I believe that I can MAKE a difference.In 2012, I helped plan a TEDx event. My TEDx wish was for a 3D printer for my school. When that wish didn’t magically come true, I decided to MAKE it happen and bought a 3D printer out of personal funds. I now DESIGN, MAKE and SHARE lessons on MAKING in the classroom.

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NIH 3D Print Exchange | A collection of biomedical 3D printable files and 3D printing resources supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

3D printing technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but it is difficult to find or create 3D-printable models that are scientifically accurate or medically applicable. The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides models in formats that are readily compatible with 3D printers, and offers a unique set of tools to create and share 3D-printable models related to biomedical science.

Source: NIH 3D Print Exchange | A collection of biomedical 3D printable files and 3D printing resources supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Seeed Studio Bazaar, Boost ideas, Extend the Reach

Diversified demands cannot be fully satisfied by mass production. The booming of open source hardware, 3D printing, crowd-funding and global logistics creates a evolutional easy platform to hardware innovators. Products are becoming democratized, as some of the consumers now calling themselves makers.

Seeed is a hardware innovation platform for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products. By working closely with technology providers of all scale, Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge. When prototypes are ready to iterate, Seeed helps productize 1 to 1,000 pcs using in-house engineering, supply chain management and agile manufacture forces. Seeed also team up with incubators, Chinese tech ecosystem, investors and distribution channels to portal Maker startups beyond.
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Founded in September 2011, is a global news organization dedicated to providing the latest news, trends and analysis in the 3D printing industry.Innovation and practice are the ultimate driving forces of evolution and development, thus focuses on the growing field of 3D printing and the latest trends and technological developments. We are committed to the dissemination of innovative ideas, creative design, and valuable know-how that will benefit like-minded readers and 3D printing enthusiasts. We also strongly believe in supporting the products and developers that are changing people’s lives and enhancing the DIY and maker community.If you are looking for the latest news and updates on 3D printing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, 3D printers and all innovations in the area, we have several ways to stay up to date. Find us on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or our daily news site,
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