Hand On Coding

Playing with blocks has been around for centuries.  From classrooms to doctors offices, this age old toy remains one of the most important tools for children to use in order to develop critical thinking skills.  While post poeple are scrambling to turn everything digital, we have reversed the role and have allowed for a digital idea to be created physically.  Hands-On Coding allows the student to physically move and act out programs created with Coding Blocks.  A big part of coding is developing an Algorithm, which is a list of steps to follow to complete a task.  In this case, the “run” part of the program is a physical person.  


Hands-On Coding turns the human into a computer and teaches children not just how to solve problems, but also how to express themselves.   Kids learn by doing, which is why Coding Blocks are a perfect tool to learn the basics of computer coding in a fun and engaging way.  They are useful for hands-on, small group activities; and for letting students explore and develop reasoning and problem-solving skills.

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