Peblio provides an easier way to write about and teach code. Peblio pages are called PEBLS (pronounced pebbles) and they can include different media like text, videos, websites, questions, and code in different languages that can be written, and executed in our editor widgets. This guide is written on a pebl and it includes videos and instructions for creating content with Peblio and using Peblio in your classroom.

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About RobotLAB Inc

Created for teachers, by teachers, RobotLAB has developed award-winning, standards-aligned K-12 programs, which use robots to enhance learning, understanding, and information-retention while maximizing schools’ investement curricula, our innovative and award-winning programs are helping schools across the country to excel in these subjects while using robots, helping learns develop 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical-thinking, and collaboration, all while learning core-subjects in a fun and e

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Launch Computer Science

Launch CS provides computer science/computational thinking integration professional development for K-8 educators. Our organization was made for teachers, by teachers. Teachers rave about our online, in-person, and train-the-trainer courses because we focus on developing practical content and pedagogical knowledge in an exciting and engaging setting. But don’t take our word for it, check out what people say about us.

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Glitch is the friendly community where everyone can discover & create the best stuff on the web

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Teach Creative Coding – OpenProcessing

Invite students to create and submit sketches, comment, and collaborate with other students. Add challenges with mouse, keyboard, voice, camera interactions! Let them learn computational thinking and open source coding literacy as they explore 200k+ sketches, understand their code, create forks, and interact with the community.

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GitHub Education

200x200 classroomGitHub for your whole school, with everything you need to make it great Roll out version control and GitHub at your school, train students with the tools they’ll use in industry, and support teachers with training so that they master Git and GitHub. As a GitHub Education school, you’ll enjoy:

  • Free access to GitHub Enterprise or Business Cloud for all of your technical departments
  • Teacher training to master Git and GitHub with our Campus Advisors program
  • Automated access to premium GitHub Education features, like the GitHub Student Developer Pack
  • Exclusive access to new features, and GitHub Education-specific swag

Source: Partner Schools – GitHub Education

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TurtleStitch – Coded Embroidery

runTurtlestitch is based on a browser-based educational programming language (Snap!) to generate patterns for embroidery machines. It is easy to use, requiring no prior knowledge in programming, yet powerful in creating nowels patterns for embroidery. It is usefull for designers to experiment with generative aesthetics and precision embroidery as well as tool for innovative workshops combining an introduction to programing with haptic output.Turtlestitch uses Snap!s “pen module” which it interprets as a needle and transforms its output into widely-used embroidery file formats.

Source: About / TurtleStitch – Coded Embroidery

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DroneBlocks | Drones in Education

DroneBlocks offers everything you need to start a drone programming course or club for your 4th-8th grade students.   The DroneBlocks App makes programming drone missions accessible through a familiar, easy-to-use “block” programming interface. The DroneBlocks Curriculum provides a full lesson plan that takes you and your students from the basics to more advanced missions.

Source: DroneBlocks | Drones in Education

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Code Blocks Powered by Scratch Blocks Now In Tinkercad! – Tinkercad Blog

Code blocks let you program Arduinos using drag-and-drop blocks.  The blocks allow you to automatically build the text-based code in real time, so you can see exactly how Arduino code is formatted and then easily export your sketch to upload directly to an Arduino board. Check out the example below, where just two lines of block code help generate almost 30 lines of code!

Source: Code Blocks Powered by Scratch Blocks Now In Tinkercad! – Tinkercad Blog

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Thunkable is simple and fast for first-time app builders, but powerful enough to support your most ambitious apps.

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