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teach yourself to code

Four years ago, a friend lent me his Rails book and I took it with me on a family vacation and learned Rails. I was happy to discover that programming itself was fun, but also realized it was power. Anything … Continue reading

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Adventures of Karel the Robot | NClab

This self-paced online visual programming course for beginners tells a story about the friendship of a little girl and a robot. It is being taught at K-12 schools, programming clubs, after-school programs, and in home-schooling families. The teacher or homeschooling … Continue reading

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Creating a Community of Learners With Coding – Edudemic

By Kate Wilson on July 7, 2014 Professional coders work collaboratively, and rarely does a computer scientist create a program solely on their own. Every successful programming project evolves as a result of Iterations of code, the merging of ideas, … Continue reading

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