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Kano: A computer anyone can make by Kano — Kickstarter

Kano is a toolkit for anyone to start coding right away. We think you learn faster and better when you have control and freedom, like in a good videogame. Then, when you can bend the rules, things get kung fu.We love … Continue reading

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CodeDays are 24-hour events where high school and college students of all experience levels get together, make something cool, and become better programmers. Participants tell us CodeDay is both one of the most important experiences in their lives, and one … Continue reading

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Teach Kids how to Code, Make Apps and 3-D Models With These Tools – The Digital Shift

By Richard Byrne Ask anyone to share a favorite school memory, and it will likely involve making something from scratch. One of my standout experiences from elementary school was learning Logo, a graphic programming language. Logo’s still around—along with many … Continue reading

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Adafruit Learning System

Master the Arduino with these easy to follow lessons We’re pleased to announce that we are updating all our Arduino tutorials with a new series! Arduino Lessons by Dr. Simon Monk & Ladyada! Simon is one of the best educational writers in the world … Continue reading

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Finland Eyes Programming Classes for Elementary School Students

by Samantha Murphy Kelly HELSINKI — Elementary school students in Finland could be adding coding and programming to their nightly homework routine in the near future. Potentially following in the footsteps of neighboring country Estonia, Alexander Stubb — the Finnish … Continue reading

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Programming at Schools and Hobby Clubs | Tiigrihüpe

Modern computer and information technology studies at schools should not only focus on computers and word processing programmes. More and more technology has emerged in students’ lives, and to understand the principles of it they need to know more about … Continue reading

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  Ardublock is a graphical programming environment to make programming physical computing with Arduino as easy as drag and drop via Ardublock.

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Coding In The Classroom: 10 Tools Students Can Use To Design Apps & Video Games –

In this age of social media, edtech, smartphones, tablets and MOOCs, software applications play a larger role than ever in the learning environment. In fact, apps have reached such a level of ubiquity and everyday integration that a number of … Continue reading

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Programmr is the world’s online lab for students and enthusiasts to practice programming and assess their skills. Our philosophy: It is our strong belief that programming is best learned at your own pace in a self-taught environment. We believe you … Continue reading

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Code Monster from Crunchzilla

Code Monster from Crunchzilla is live Javascript programming for fun. The focus is on action. Code changes immediately yield visible results. Projects start with simple boxes and colors, rapidly progressing into exciting experiments with simple animation and fractals. Important programming … Continue reading

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