Programmr is the world’s online lab for students and enthusiasts to practice programming and assess their skills.

Our philosophy:

It is our strong belief that programming is best learned at your own pace in a self-taught environment. We believe you shouldn’t have to join expensive IT colleges or IT institutes to become a good programmer when you can do so right at your home at almost no cost. Our goal at Programmr is to give you enough skills to write sophisticated programs in your favorite language so that you can get a well-paying job as a programmer or enhance your market value even further.

A little about Programmr:


At Programmr (erstwhile Programr) you can code, compile & run projects right in the browser in almost any language. You can code & run command-line programs, web applications, mobile apps, database apps as well as rich media apps right in the browser.

With our new Auto-faculty module, you can also assess your skills in any popular programming language.

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