Three Video Games That Teach Programming Through Play | MindShift

August 27, 2014

By Tanner Higgin, Graphite

The push to get kids to code has been such a hot topic these past few years you might be sick of hearing about it. There are those that see code as a critical skill — like learning a second language – which all kids need to learn. Others question whether programming is as important as critical thinking, or if code literacy is more or less important than traditional textual/numerical literacy. While this controversy continues to circulate, most people can agree that a basic understanding of code and coders is an increasingly important part of being a critical thinker in a world that’s full of screens and data.

Since digital games are both coded objects and systems that can be critiqued and better understood, they sit nicely between the evangelistic and tempered supporters of code literacy. Games build critical thinking skills and teach code literacy, offering authentic experiences that let kids experiment with how code works. They’re solid platforms to begin exploring programming.

via Three Video Games That Teach Programming Through Play | MindShift.

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