February 7

Russia: Why?

On February 24th, 2022 the Russian and Ukrainian war started. I have some questions and theories about why it started. I want to take this opportunity to address some of the questions that are swirling around my head. My first question is why the war even started in the first place. No one really knows but my theory is Putin wants to create the Soviet Union (1917-1991) again, initially started by Joseph Stalin. Depending on where you get your information, it will give you a different answer. Another question I have is about why did people flee the country? Was it only because of the war?  I think there was lots of destruction and the Ukrainian People got frightened and left the country. Is this war going to lead to WWIII? Many people try to stop Russia but Russian troops keep going. Does this have to do with any other war? This war seems similar to the Cold War (1947~1991) because Russia may be trying to spread Communism. This is only a guess, as we do not know exactly what is happening or why it started. Articles that we read give us a lot of different opinions.


Now I hope you have a good understanding about the war.


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January 23

Do Students Work harder than Teachers?

By Ryuma M.

Ok, I’m just going to say that students work harder than teachers. A lot of people will disagree with me on that but hear me out. You could never ever become a teacher without being a student. A person that does not go to school could never become a teacher. 

The reason against my opinion is strong, teachers have to teach and grade. But the thing is, kids have to learn, remember, and practice while also having non school related activities. Would you rather learn or tell people things that you know very well? I know I’d choose to teach.

Ms.EP (Enow-Pluchino) one day said to me, “teachers have to come up with lessons that are diverse, appropriate, interactive, and that are differentiated for every lesson.” My teacher Mrs. Fagundo said that “teachers and students work the same amount. She said that students learn the material and apply it to their everyday learning.” From a students’s perspective, we work harder than teachers. “We have to learn, remember and practice, which is a whole lot!” according to Agron (student in 3EP). That is why I think students work harder than teachers. Do You Think Students Work Harder Than Teachers?



Not original author ©️2023  all rights belong to Evelyn I. 

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November 21

All About Evelyn


By Agron .Kerin & Elizabeth .P

Let me introduce you to a wonderful forth grader named Evelyn .I. Evelyn’s experience at this school is good so far. Her favorite food is chicken and waffles. Her favorite is art,science  and social studies but only in 4F because in 4F social studies is fun. Evelyn is also writing an article called do student’s work harder than teachers?

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November 21

Violin Interview

By Ryuma M.

This is a new article I started about Mr. Tobey who teaches Violin and Viola.

Mr.Tobey is the teacher that teaches in the Zetkov, The brown building right next to what was the PAC.He loves teaching violin.When I asked him when he started violin, he said he started in 4th grade.Then I asked him when he started teaching, he said after he graduated Julliard.Then, after many years he did his favorite concert he did Liza Minelli in Carnegie Hall. Mr.Tobey’s favorite piece is Barber, Violin Concerto. Thank you for reading my newest article.

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November 21

Charlotte(me)’s experience from (mystery school) to Hackley

Hello, my name is Charlotte. I’m a Chinese-American, and I recently moved from a school named UNIS (United Nations International School)Queens(in Queens), because the other half of UNIS, which is UNIS Manhattan, shut UNIS Queens down. 

        I want to tell my experience about the move. I’m not going into every detail, but I’ll share the bigger, more general chunks. If you have any questions, I’m in Hackley in class 4f.

                                            So, let me start.

    I was actually really nervous for the move. I’d lived in Forest Hills for all of my life but two years. Besides, I had no memories of where we lived before we lived at Forest Hills. This was my home, my place. The place I grew up in!

            And to move to a different school? I’d been at UNIS since kindergarten!!! Hackley is so different from UNIS, anyway. At UNIS I only had four classmates, and here I have sixteen!  I was really anxious, so I hesitated.

            Now, it’s not all that scary. All the furniture is still there, just in different spots. It’s just a little bit different. I find it okay where I live now. I like Hackley, it’s educational, friendly and makes learning fun(from my experience in 4f.). It’s still not how UNIS was, but I’ve accepted it.

           I will list what is different about UNIS from Hackley.

  • At UNIS they taught Spanish starting in Kindergarten(which is earlier than when Hackley starts(I think that is in third grade) teaching Spanish to their students)
  • At UNIS there were less teachers than in Hackley
  • UNIS was a lot smaller, the Lower school(all grades in the LS were known as J (for junior school)(for example J3 which is third grade) and then the grade it was.) and the Middle school were connected together so I knew my way around, and now Hackley is larger than I’m used to.
  • For another thing, I never had Spanish or PE in the morning.
  • Another fact is that we didn’t always travel in a group together.
  • Another thing,  we barely had science, plus it was taught by our homeroom teacher.
  • Last of all, at UNIS  there was a choice of whether you wanted to bring your own lunch or pay for the cafeteria lunch. The lunch was also different, I think it was a bit stale.

          The point is, Hackley is super different from UNIS Queens.

                This was my experience and how I felt.

         Remember, if you have any questions, I’m at Hackley. My homeroom class if 4f which is taught by Mrs.Fagundo and

Mr. Fiore.

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November 8

The Ice Queen’s Diary


   By Elizabeth


Chapter #1

First Time on Ice


I was so nervous to go on the ice for the first time waiting in line with all the other two and three year olds. I got on the ice and skated perfectly without falling once for the whole entire class. I was The Ice Queen!


Chapter #2

Being Happy


 Now I’m nine and I love ice skating. I’m on the ice skating team and also in PE our subject is ice skating. When I learned that we would be doing ice skating in PE, you would not believe how happy I was. I was grinning when the teacher picked me to demonstrate how to hop on the ice even though it was so easy for me.

Chapter #3

Mean Girls


When the other kids in my class got on the ice the Mean Girls in my class came up and tripped me. You are not allowed to do that on the ice skating rink because you could get hurt and that is not fun. They didn’t want to get in trouble so they went to tell the teacher that my best friend Maria pushed me. So she yelled at Maria for pushing me. But in the middle of her sentence I screamed “She didn’t push me. It was the mean girls! They wanted all the girls, who listen well in class, to tell them the answers to the questions that you give so that they can get a bunch of A+s on all of the tests.”


Chapter #4

Mean Girls Get Revenge

Next PE class the Mean Girls pretended to accidentally trip me. I new they did it on purpose because before they did it they stuck their tongues out and skated away laughing. This made me feel annoyed and angry. They kept on pretend tripping me but I had a plan so after a week of being tripped and since I was the ice Queen I could shoot ice out of my hands. So I just froze their tongues before they could trip me.


Chapter #5

I Get No Friends


 When I got home that day, my Mom said I had to move schools.“What!” I screamed I had been in this school for all I remember in my life. I had to get new friends when my Mom told me where I was going I screamed “That’s where all the wimps go.” But I had to.


Chapter #6

Moving Schools


I hated my new school. The first day I came home from my new school I screamed “ I can barely find a  seat In the cafeteria!” at my Mom. My Mom said that she just got a Message that said the school will be shut down. You will have to go back to the other school I ran to hug my mom. I jumped around like crazy. When we came back to my old school my best friend was waiting for me.  She knew because I called her and told her about moving back she was jumping up and down as I climbed out of the car. She ran up and started pulling me out. That day everyone was saying hi and welcome back. I was getting A+s on all of the tests that were on that day because it was test day. The mean girls knew And the Mean Girls moved schools because they were not good at Ice Skating and did not study for the tests.



Elizabeth Popova


Coming soon

Diary of the Water Princess

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November 8

The Story of the Strawberry Kitsune

By Agron K.

 The Strawberry Kitsune

Once upon a time there was a village of kitsunes. If you have never heard of these magical creatures, then let me share their story. In the palace, the king, queen and the princess would sit on their thrones in the morning for breakfast . They would eat by the magical pine forest for lunch, and  for dinner they would eat by the wishing star lake.   For dessert they would eat on the edge of a sunset cliff.

One day, the princess kitsune was walking through the forest and saw a strangely familiar cottage. Rose knocked on the door to see if anyone was home. Rose heard silence . Though to her curiosity she opened the door anyway.   Inside she saw kitsune pictures on a bulletin board that had a crystal on their head. Rose was confused because she had a crystal on her head too! Then she looked over to her right and saw a magic potion that was pink. It was her favorite color so she drank it. she felt a tingly feeling through her throat and when Rose looked at the tips of her tails, they were PINK! Rose found a broken  mirror and looked at her face. The tips of her ears were pink too. She thought she was dreaming so she pinched herself , but like she was not dreaming. It started getting dark .She got lost in the forest and froze. She felt like someone was following her. Rose looked behind her and saw a dark figure right before she could say a word. Rose got caught in a cage over fire. Started crying and screaming “let me go”! The cage started going down lower and lower, but suddenly the princess kitsune started floating and shot the dark figure with the crystal on her head. The dark figure bursted in  flames .  The flames underneath the princess went out. And the cage broke. The princess  escaped the cage and started running. She saw a light from the sky , it was the palace  guards . Rose ran straight to the light and found them. She explained  the entire story to the guards. The guards  were shocked.

The next day she woke up in her room   and it was 3:00 am. She was thirsty so she rang the bell for room service. When she noticed it was 3:00 am she hesitated and hid underneath her blanket. But then she heard unsettling noises coming from above.  she heard a creak then a snap then she got so scared she screamed like a banshee. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! But when she looked above her blanket it was just her mom with her water.  Her mom looked confused. Then turned on the light and gave the water to the princess . Then she went back to her room to sleep. The queen walked back to her room and went back to sleep. When the princess woke up, she went to her parents room but they weren’t there so she assumed they woke up early to eat breakfast. So she went to the kitchen but she was nervous so she went to one of the maids to ask where her parents were. She said when she came  to the palace she said they weren’t hear so she ate breakfast and brushed her teeth as she was eating lunch she heard a knock at the door and she went to go open it and saw her parents with a baby kitsune! She asked why they had a baby kitsune. The queen kitsune said that she had given birth to the kitsune the princess was confused but yet happy that she had a baby sister.   They decided to name her Amethyst because of the crystal on her head . The next day the royal kitsunes went out on a picnic and the older kitsune asked to go out into the forest to look for crystals. The little kitsune followed her sister to see the crystals .  But in return her sister went to a small cottage and when the Amethyst was caught her older sister didn’t get mad she said “drink this potion” She drank it because it was her favorite color purple .  When her sister said look at the tips of her tail they were purple .  Then she said look at your ears and they were purple . She was confused, yet happy.  She started sprinting through the forest to her mom and dad but suddenly … Got captured by a dark  figure and trapped in a cage over razor sharp spikes . Her older sister  hesitated to catch up to her and by the time she got there the cage was almost  touching the spikes.  She called  for her mom and dad and they came right away. They used some of their magic but didn’t destroy the dark figure . Next the princess used all of her magic and got in a coma . Then the king and queen used all their magic and killed the dark figure and broke the cage and broke the spikes but in return both of them died and laid down on the  hard cold ground .Amethyst ran straight to her parents and her sister and started saying  “Aaaah! Wake up!” 

                                                          To be continued…. 

                                                Story of the grape kitsune

                                                      Coming out in 2023

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November 7


By:Evelyn .I 

In 2022 On October thirty first A.K.A Halloween night in Salem Massachusett

In a house at the edge of the woods the ward sisters Oakley age 5 Haven age 9 and 13 year old Willow’s mother was going on a business trip to Paris. Willow loved her sisters and wanted to babysit them  for a long time. 1 day after their mom left the sisters grew bored Oakley the youngest sister was the one to come up with the idea of hide and seek. The first round Haven wanted to be seeker. The reason is she wouldn’t be able to focus on finding a good hiding spot since she was scared of a clawing sound in the distance. which was explained by willow that there is nothing to worry about or so they thought. Haven impatiently waited as she counted to thirty.

It was hard to find a good hiding Spot because it was only their sixth month in that house .


Willow decided that she would hide in the closet at the end of the bedroom hall.and Oakley hid under a bed like she normally did. 

Haven immediately found both of them. When she did, She teased Oakley by saying she always hid in the same spot. Also the whole time Haven was counting she could hear Oakley  giggling.Then Oakley whined, “I’ll show you how good I am at hide and seek you’ll see. “Okay Willow said, “We’ll let you prove that to us you will be the only to hide me and haven will seek” 

Oakley agreed. Willow and Haven counted to 30 when they were done they went to the bedroom  “ Hmm I wonder where she is….. “BOO!” Haven yelled jokingly as she peeked under the bed empty. They went to the closet… empty. They heard giggles and Oakley humming sugar spice and everything nice coming from the attic. As they pulled down the attic step ladder they heard clawing and whispering.Haven got  scared and was suspicious. They got into the attic and the only thing in there was a big brown antique closet. They heard screams and giggles at the same time. As they opened the closet there their sister sat except it wasn’t Oakley…  the person no, the thing in that closet was definitely not her sister. 


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November 7

Jasmine’s Story

By Charlotte L.

 I am full of curiosity. I am a curious cat. I am curious about literally everything. Then, one day, I got too curious, but it was good. I wander out into the forest, and…………I shriek. Another cat just snuck up on me! 

 “Yikes, you’ll scare all the prey in the forest away like that.” The other cat complains. 

“By the way, my name is Balaran(bal-ar-an). Yours?”  

“Jasmy(Jas-mee) is my nickname, and Jasmine is my real name,” I reply.  What is this cat doing, first sneaking up on me, then giving a friendly introduction! It’s like she’s two cats at once! 

“HEY! Earth to you! Jasma! Whatever! FOLLOW ME!” Ballaran shouts, before bounding off. I race after her, I tried at least, Balaran is as fast as a squirrel, faster! She leaps over rocks, streams and logs. I have to scramble step by step! When Balaran realizes she is too far ahead, she stops and waits for me. 

“Thanks, how do you run so fast anyway?” I pant. “ You’re welcome, and doesn’t every cat run as fast? Oh, right. I’m a forest cat and you’re not.” Balaran answers, before darting away once again.

 “We’re almost there!” She hollers. I am finally getting used to darting over streams, rocks and logs. Then Ballaran stops in front of a huge weeping willow tree that covers an immensely big area. Its big leafy branches shield the space. “Hey! Why’d you stop? Is something wrong?”

I ask,“ No. I just wanted to say, welcome to camp! Come on! I’ll show you where the entrance is.” Balaran beckons me over to a thin bit of branch, and there is just enough space for a cat to squeeze in. We pad in, and to my amazement, dozens of cats stand in front of me. In one corner, there is a cave with tiny squeals coming out of it. I am guessing that is where the kits-the adorable kits are. Under a holly bush, an old sounding voice is meowing nonstop. In another cave, supported by ferns, bracken and branches, are cats that are not kits, but not fully grown. Last but not least, a berry bush(a big one)(supported by the same things) has full grown cats inside chatting around.

 “Whoa. Tell me EVERYTHING please!.!.!” I beg. She explains, 

“ Okay. so that den, the one with a-little-bit-older-than-kits, is the apprentice’s den. The other one, with the fully grown cats, is the warriors den. They’re the apprentices that have finished training. Under that holly bush, are the elders. They are retired warriors. The big cave is where the kits are, plus the queens. FYI, the queens are the mothers of the kits. Now turn around.” I turn around, 

“Okay, that one, the HUGE boulder with the hole in it is the leader’s den. Our current leader is Banalestar(ban-e-lay-star). I know that is a lot to take in, but it’s nearly sundown. I gotta go. See ya tomorrow!”Then she bounds away. All right. Now what? Sleep. I’ve been up too long. Wait, where do I sleep? AAAAH! I don’t have anywhere to sleep! Will I have to walk back to my housefolk? 

“Wait! Where do I sleep?” I scream after Ballaran. It’s no use. She’s too far. I’ll have to ask some other cat. I pad over to someone, and ask, 

“Um, is there anywhere I can sleep?”.

 “Yes. The apprentice’s den. You’ve got no training quite yet.” He growls. I run to the apprentice’s den and find an empty (and not scented) patch of moss. I’m supposed to be sleeping on that? Terrifying! I curl up on the bit of moss, and fall into a restful-but uncomfortable sleep. 


“Wake up!” I wake to Ballaran gently nudging me up. I blink my eyes open. 

“Your mentor is Crantanesweet(cran-tun-sweet)! She’ll be training you. That is if you’d like to stay, pleaaaaaaaaaaase stay? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase?” 

I mumble, “ Sure. I’ll see how it is.”. I get up, and rub my bleary eyes. 

“Crantanesweet? Are you here to train me??” No one appears. Then, in the next moment, Crantanesweet steps out of nowhere!

“Now darling. You have to work on your scenting! It’s downright horrid.”

“All right, I understand. Will do.” I feel bruised by her words, but this is true.

“Now. We’ll start with a tour of the territory, though I’m pretty sure Balaran already showed you most of the territory. She bounds off, with me trying to catch up.

“Now dear, there is the Great Ash. It was burned once and no one knows why it still survived. That there is the Sand Hollows. The Great Oak, and there is the Owl Tree! Ah. We’ve reached the Shadowclan border. Shadowclan shadows over us. They attacked our territory many many times! We just manage to drive them off.” I listen in awe. There is so much to learn! When will I learn all of it? 

“Now, we will work on hunting. What do you scent in this area?” She tests

“Hmmm, I smell some really weird scent on the Shadowclan border and prey scents everywhere.”

“That weird scent is Shadowclan scent. Their disgusting scent is what they use to mark their border. Now, about the prey, what prey? Do you know?”

I sniff, hmm. Maybe some vole and squirrel? Is that rabbit that I smell? Oh! Also mice. Yum.

“I’m scenting squirrels, rabbits and mice. Is that correct?”

“Yes! Marvelous darling. Now try to catch one.”

I sniff again, and smell a squirrel near an oak tree. I set my paws down lightly, one at a time. I will get it! My eyes are glued to the squirrel, and- crinkle- Oh no! I stepped on a leaf! The leaf alarmed the squirrel and it dashed off into the tree. Darn it. 

“Don’t worry dear. I’ll advise you. Okay, so you must always look where you are going. Make sure there are no leaves or twigs in your path. If there are, find a way to maneuver them. Also, when you get at most a tail length away from your prey, rear up on your hind legs and pounce. Be quick, otherwise your prey will escape. Just saying, whenever you are hunting mice, this is important, set your paws down on the earth VERY LIGHTLY. Now that is a lot to take in, so I’ll let you think by leaving you to get some prey and some rest. We’re going back to camp. Tomorrow, we’ll do hunting practice and then battle training. Right now, get some rest.”

And she breaks off just like that. She pads away, and I follow her. That was exciting! I can’t wait for tomorrow. 


I am currently trying some prey. I take a squirrel and bite into it. Woah! This is amazing! Way better than what my housefolk give me to eat. 


“Jasmy! It’s your naming ceremony! WAKE UPPPPPP!” Balaran shouts.

“What? Oh.” I blink my eyes open. I jump up and dash toward the big rock that is actually known as the Great Rock which is for clan meetings. Banalestar addresses and announces(to)the clan. She says “ All cats that are old enough to catch their own prey, come to the Great Rock.” Then the elders, apprentices, warriors and queens(sometimes kits) come to the Great Rock. Right now she is calling a clan meeting. “All cats that are old enough to catch their own prey, come to the Great Rock.”

All the cat’s in the camp gather around the Great Rock. 

“I hereby announce that this kittypet will now be named Jasmypaw. She will keep this name till she becomes a warrior. If she does.” 

Well that’s helpful. Not. Anyway, why does she think I can’t be a warrior? I can, and I will. That is that.

“Now darling. Wake up and we’ll do some hunting practice. We’ll sharpen your skills. Hopefully you’ll actually be able to catch prey by the end of this practice” Crantanesweet mews. I nod in return, and give her a hopeful smile. 

“ Now come on. We’ll head to the Great Ash. Lot’s of catches made there for beginners.”  I don’t know what she means by “for beginners”. Surely older apprentices and warriors have caught prey there? 

“Now darling, catch one or two pieces of prey. Remember what I said yesterday! Good luck dear.” Crantanesweet explains before dashing off into the bushes. 

Okay. So all I have to do is catch one piece of prey. Let’s try. I sniff, and smell squirrel. No sticks or leaves blocking my way this time.  I start to creep up on the squirrel, it doesn’t notice a thing. It’s too busy nibbling on a nut. By the time I am half-a-tail-length close, I’m already rearing up on my hind legs. Pounce. Three…..Two………One! Pounce! I shoot up from my hind legs and pounce. I land straight on the squirrel. 

“Got you!” I congratulate myself.

“Yes. True, you did. Good job darling. Now try and drive that rabbit over there toward me. DO NOT CATCH IT YOURSELF. Drive it toward me.” Crantanesweet says

“Um, okay.” I run straight at the rabbit, yowling. It is frightened, so it runs to Crantanesweet. She waits for just the right moment, and bites the rabbit. It falls limp, a big juicy rabbit.

“Jasmypaw. Congrats! This is your first piece of prey. You should feel proud!” She says, “Come along now, we’re also doing battle training.” And she dashes off. I pad after her, excitement exploding inside me. I head toward a clearing, because I think it would be good for battle training. 

“Now, dear, where do you think you’re going? We have to return our prey! Come along.” She heads in the other direction. I follow her. My clanmates are going to be so impressed when they see the rabbit and the squirrel with us. Yay!


“They caught that? The kittypet?”

“Look here. Here, here, here. The kittypet is popular. Weird. Shouldn’t be happening.”

“Hopefully we’ll be full fed tonight.”

“Um. I find it kind of weird that the kittypet and Crantanesweet(who used to be weird) got that much prey.”

Surprised murmurs went around camp. What is wrong with being a kittypet? I’m not anymore! I’m going to be a successful warrior. Hopefully.  

“Now darling, we’re going to the clearing you found to do battle training. You’ll probably be successful. Again, congratulations, I think you’ve impressed the clan leader, just saying” She winks at me. I wink back. Yay! Today is so fortunate!

 Crantanesweet heads off. 


NO! You do hunters crouch and then you pounce and slash. That is only the first step! You’ve the second and third to go! Quicken your pace! Maybe everyone was right about kittypets. So far I’ve been patient, Jasmypaw. You’ve to learn a lot. Now try again.” She corrects. I carefully do the hunters crouch, and pounce on a tree trunk, and-slash the trunk has scrape marks on it. 

“Very good. Now, step two, land on your enemy and bite them. You can bite them anywhere. As long as you actually bite them. Try it on the tree trunk.” She explains. I pounce, slash and bite. Ow! How does any cat bite a trunk without losing their teeth? My jaw feels like it is crooked! Downright horrid. I laugh at the thought. Just like what Crantanesweet said about my scenting when I first joined the clan!

“Now, leap back and fall limp, look like you are injured, and when your enemy assumes victory, attack the same way you did in step one and two.” She advises.

I pounce, slash, bite, leap back and fall limp. Then in a moment, I pounce, slash and bite again.

“Good job. I think that’s enough for today. I’ll see you back at camp. Practice three more times. See you!” She calls. 

“Okay!” I respond. I pounce, slash, bite, leap back, fall limp, pounce, slash and bite, and repeat it three times. I’m getting better! Banalestar will have to make me a warrior soon. 


When I finish, I walk back to camp triumphantly.

“How did the battle move training go, Jasmypaw?” Balaran asks. 

“Oh, it was nothing. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Pffft.”

“Can I talk privately to you?” 

“Yeah. What’s it about? Anything exciting? Let’s meet in the elders’ den. The elders will be too busy chatting to hear. See you there!”

“Ok.” Balaran agrees.

When we get to the elders’ den, I wonder, well, what could Balaran have to say to me? I’m just a kittypet. An unimportant kittypet. As everyone thinks.

“Okay. The thing is, my name isn’t-I mean wasn’t Balaran before. Before it was Flowery(Flower-I). I was a kittypet before too! I’ve only been in the clan for three seasons. Today is finally my naming ceremony. You’re lucky, you got it early.”

I stare at her in awe. So that is why she is my only friend. 

“Why didn’t you tell me? You know you can trust me with secrets, I’ve kept enough of them in my life. Why? Is it that you don’t trust me? Fine. I’m a kittypet. Okay? Satisfied?”

“No! It’s that I wasn’t that trusting to anyone back then.”

“Oh, sorry. Just saying, I have to go. Crantanesweet says we’re going hunting. I need to bring the elders some fresh-kill to eat. Bye Flowery!”


We return to camp( the hunting patrol. Me, Crantanesweet, Violetaytail(Vio-le-tay-tail) and Ponknose.(Ponk-nose) with our jaws laden with prey. The clan will be well fed tonight. 

“All cats that are old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath the Great Rock for a clan meeting.” Banalestar. Surprise murmurs start.

“What could Banalestar have to say now?”

“ A meeting at this time? Awkward.”

“I wonder what this is about.”

Banalestar waves her tail to silence us, and announces, “We have a new warrior among us. She has her naming ceremony now. Balaran, please come up.” Balaran runs excitedly up the steps on the Great Rock. “Balaran, you have shown much diligence to the clan, and because of that you are now a warrior. From now on, you will be known as Leafwing. Starclan honors your hard work and determined days. (I am currently speaking as the narrator. All of the new names are exactly pronounced how they are spelled. For example, Mousefur is pronounced Mouse-fur.) Now, I must say, the big change of her name is because I’ve now decided to be all named after the forest Starclan has given us. I will now be known as Goldstar. Violetaytail you will now be named Mousenose. Ponknose, you will now be known as Tailfur. Goldyfur(Gold-ee-fur), you will now be named Cloudfur. Crantanesweet, you will now be called Winterfur. Aldersun, you will now be called Alderleaf. Tantiniaenaflower(Tan-tin-ay-na-flow-er(flower) you will now be called Flowerstem. I am moving onto the apprentices now. Nuewtpaw(Newt-paw), you will now be named Frogpaw. Whaskerpaw, you will now be known as Whiskerpaw. Wibanpaw, you will now be known as Windpaw. I’m moving onto the elders. Goldstars long, long speech is still going. I’m going to doze off like this! Goldstar continues, “Eldanalder, you will be Aircloud. Frooststain, you will now be known as Frostheart. Moving onto the queens. Lizaredefur(Liz-ard-fur) you will now be Lizfur. Lichenaensun(Lich-en-ane-sun) you will now be Lichensun. Now to the kits. There are few, for it is leaf-bare, but I will rename them anyway. Then we will move onto the finale.” Goldstar still hasn’t stopped, but my mind opens with curiosity. What is the finale? What could it be? 

Goldstar goes on, “Suenshenkit(Sue-en-shen-kit), you will now be Shinekit. Chilkirkit, you will now be known as Chillkit. Last but not least, Wildanankit, you will be called Wildkit from now on.” Goldstar stops abruptly. Why did she stop? And what is the finale? I need to know! Otherwise I’m going to BURST with curiosity. 

She continues, “Now for the finale. We have a cat that is ready to leave the apprentices’ den. Jasmypaw, step up.” Me? Why me? I know I wanted to be a warrior, but not so soon, this is too quick! 

“Jasmypaw, Starclan honors your courage and intelligence. You will now be known as Gemheart. Your heart is like a gem, which is why I give you this name. Congratulations! You and Leafwing will have to sit a silent vigil in the night, while the rest of us sleep.” Leafwing gives a little cheer bounce. I head toward her and mouth to her “Nice job becoming a warrior.” She nods. We sit at the camp entrance, and wait. 

The next morning, I nearly doze off, but Leafwing wakes me. 

“All right now. You can get some prey and rest. I want you with me on the evening hunting patrol though.” Winterfur says. 

“Thank you!” I sigh. I race to the fresh kill pile and take a squirrel. I eat it ravenously. Then I head to the warriors den and rest. I finally became a warrior, my dream came true! Thank you Starclan, for granting me this. 




                                                                            Don’t miss #2 Warrior Gemheart

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November 7

Video Games: Helpful or Harmful 3

By Ryuma M. and Leroy G.


Sadly this will be the last Helpful or harmful article.

Videos added soon!



Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation that allows users to program games and play games created by other users. Famous users like Alexnewtron, MiniToon, Nikilis and Wolfpaq ect. make Roblox more and more popular. Is a replacement for money in Roblox.It’s called “Roebucks” (still costs $0.99 per 80 roebucks.) Roblox allows you to move around and create worlds, make games and go to different games..If you need a fun game to play, use Roblox.


Fall Guys ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Fall Guys is a free-to-play platform battle royale tournament styled game developed by Mediatonic. The game involves up to 60 players who control jellybean-like creatures and compete against each other in a series of randomly selected mini-games, such as obstacle courses or tag.To win, you have to survive 3~5 rounds. Not be eliminated and win the crown.


Rocket League⭐⭐⭐⭐  


Rocket league is a game where cars play soccer in a stadium  against each other. After five minutes whoever has the most goals wins. Another thing is after every competitive (a harder mode in rocket league) game you play in rocket league you get mmr which gets you a higher rank. The game is so hard to get good at that when you think your good you then realize how bad you are compared to the other players.


For more games go read our other articles.


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