An intro to 15 of the most important coding languages

An introduction to HTML, CSS and other basic coding languagesby Skillcrush & MashableIn the broadest sense: to code is to speak to, control, or otherwise communicate with a machine (computer). “Code” is a synonym for “computer language.”Everything that you know as software – your computer’s operating system, your mobile apps, your favorite websites – is designed and coded using a computer language such as Python, C, Java, Scala, Ruby, Go, PHP and dozens more. The purpose of these languages is to make it possible for you and I to communicate with our computers in a way that is similar to human language but can also be easily translated into machine code, the language your computer understands.Computer languages run the gamut from highly technical and largely numerical to something that begins to resemble English. All told, there are hundreds of computer languages including ones that are entirely visual and even one in Icelandic.This guide will discuss the major types of computer languages, how they relate to one another, which ones you should learn, and most importantly, why you would want to.

Source: An intro to 15 of the most important coding languages

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