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C++ is a general purpose programming language. Anyone already programming at the very least knows of the existence of this programming language. C++ is powerful and offers its developers a wide range of programming paradigms. The language is often favored by those who are building software that interacts with low level resources or the hardware of a computing device; even a large number of desktop applications prefer C++ due to its light weight runtime and flexibility. The language provides facilities that many other languages simply refuse to – possibly in order to keep things sane and simple. For example, with C++ it is possible to do low-level memory manipulation, which makes it an ideal choice for building hardware drivers, operating system kernels, software that runs on embedded systems, etc.

The wide array of features that C++ provides and the numerous ways of doing anything in C++ makes it a difficult task to put everything about this language in one post. In this article, we make an attempt to briefly touch on some aspects of the language that should let a programmer with some experience in other object oriented languages get started with C++.

Source: Learn C++ – Start Coding in C++ – Udemy

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