Espresso Coding – Computing made simple

Espresso Coding is a new service from Espresso Education that teaches pupils to code and make their own apps to share with their friends and parents. Its also FREE for an extended period until October 31st 2014.

Espresso Coding has everything you need to deliver the coding part of the curriculum for years 1 to 6 including:

  • a comprehensive Scheme of Work linked to Curriculum 2014
  • 70+ step-by step lessons and tablet-friendly activities for pupils to create apps
  • full lesson plans for each activity by December 2013
  • a bespoke website area where apps can be published and shared
  • an introduction to coding using elements of JavaScript (an industry standard)
  • short, helpful video guides
  • additional CPD training is available

Why do I need to teach Coding?  View our FAQs to see some of the reasons all schools will need to teach this new topic.

This is the only tool your school needs to teach and learn how to code.

via Espresso Coding – Computing made simple.

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