How smart developers generate lousy code | ITworld

By Esther Schindler

May 31, 2013, 10:03 AM

Most experienced developers can think of a time when they worked on a team with other accomplished programmers. Yet the code quality was anywhere from “eh” to “oh god you didn’t actually ship that did you?!” Here’s how this can happen, and what to do to minimize the chances it’ll happen to you.

Sarah Mei spoke about a time she worked on a team with really expert developers. Every one of them was someone whom you’d admire, who had previous written code that you and I would boast to have created. Yet, these smart people created modules that didn’t talk to each other. And its quality was, to be kind, on the rotten side.

You’ve probably encountered something like this at some point in your own programming career. Instead of the team creating more than the sum of its parts, the end result looked like something created by a novice developer. If not like crayon sketches from an untalented 6-year-old.

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