New Employee Email Distribution Lists

The Employees distribution list is now  retired in favor of two new employee distribution lists: EmployeesABFS – Admin/B&G/Fac/Staff  and EmployeesAll – Comprehensive Employee List. While somewhat self explanatory the EmployeesABFS list will go to all Faculty, Staff, Building and Grounds Staff, Flik, and Administrators.  The EmployeesAll list will go to all employees in our employment database. These lists must always be used in the “To:” field and never in cc: or bcc:

You will be able to find these lists in the Global Address by typing a full or partial “employees” in the “To:” field on an email and clicking on the Check Name button.

Then the two options will pop up:

and select the one you want.

This change includes some feature enhancements as well:

  • no ability for reply all
  • email will go to employees with any email address in the employment database not just to those who have a Hackley email address
  • lists automatically updates as soon as updates are made to Hackley’s official employment database
  • emails sent to this list will appear in the “Messages” section of HOL

Please also remember that these distribution lists are for official school business only. Hillswap still remains as a distribution list for all other community communications.

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