Emailing Groups in HOL (Using HOL Distribution Lists)

In HOL you have access to email distribution for the groups that you manage. You may access those distribution groups by clicking on the “Contacts” link listed under your Group’s name in the All Classes section of your Employee HOL Homepage (one can always get to the Homepage by clicking on the house icon at the top of the page). After clicking on the Contacts link, you may choose the Email Students or Email Parents link.

Ooops! If you get the screen below, or a non-Hackley email client pops up, your default email client for you computer is not set correctly and you will need to submit a tech ticket to change it. However, there is an alternative way to use the distribution list. (Please continue reading.)

If you right-click on the email link (crtl-click on a Mac), a pop-up menu will list choices including “Copy Email Address”. Select “Copy Email Address” and the distribution list will be copied to your Clipboard.

Next, open a new email and paste the distribution list into the “To:” field of your new email. Now you are ready to add a subject line, add content and send!


  1. You can only use one distribution list per email. If you need to cc parents on an email sent to students, go to your sent items forward the student email and paste the parent distribution list in the “To:” field
  2. You must place the distribution list in the the “To:” field. Veracross depends on this placement to process the email.  DO NOT place these lists in the “CC:” or “BCC:” (although I highly recommend leveraging BCC in many other email circumstances)


  1. The beauty of these lists is that you send the email to Veracross and Veracross sends the emails out as individual emails to the recipients on the list on your behalf. This reduces the risk of your email getting caught by a spam filter.
  2. This system automatically prevents a Reply All. The distribution list does not go out on the email. Recipients on the distribution list cannot see the emails on the distribution list, also protecting the recipients privacy.
  3. We can easily track the emails on Veracross’ back end to HOL. If you are curious about whether a listed recipient actually received the email and opened it, please let Jed know, and he will provide you with that information.

While there is a lot of information and explanation here, once you successfully complete the process, you should find it quite simple. As always please let us know if you have any questions!

There’s an App for That (HOL) (Kind of…)

It is now 10 years since Apple debuted, along with AT&T, the “There’s an App for That” ad campaign to promote the Apple App Store. While apps are useful and continue to proliferate (Schoology has a great app for HOL Classroom), many online software companies have to decided to focus on web development and making their websites compatible with any web enabled device. They choose not spend time and money creating apps for specific devices and their particular operating systems. Today most websites are mobile friendly because they have been programmed using an approach known at responsive design.

As a result almost any website can be turned into an “app” on your mobile device.

On an iOS device (iPhone, iPad), open Safari, browse to, and at the top of the screen, next to the website address is a box with an up arrow. When you tap on that icon a menu appears”. Scroll through the gray choices on the bottom row and select “Add to Home Screen”

A new pop-up appears with “Veracross” as the title, back space out the title, replace itby typing in “HOL” and hit the “Add” in the upper right.

Now you have an HOL “app” listed along with you other apps. Selecting it will launch you right into HOL.

Android user can do the same thing. Instead of  clicking on a box with an up arrow. Click on the vertical three dots next the web address and choose “Add to Home Screen”

Enjoy the convenience of turning your favorite websites into “apps”!

HOL Directories and the Super Search

As you have likely already observed, HOL has several directory buttons:

All these buttons, essentially lead to the same place:

These directories are the all community public directories for students and parents.  The information here is limited and families have options to suppress information from these directories.

However, during the school year, employees have access to a Super Directory in HOL. This directory exists as a search box in the right column of the HOL Employee Hompage (one can always get to the Homepage by clicking on the house icon at the top of the page):

If you type any student or employee name into the directory a pop-up list will appear with the matching directory entries and when you click on the link of the directory entry you are searching for, a full biographical record will pop-up for that entry:

While employee bios are limited, student bios would include more info such as a link to email their parents and medical info. During the school day, all bios show the current academic schedule location of the individual. Also, there is always a button in the bottom right of the bio to full the individuals full academic schedule.

Consider it your paperless Vade Mecum!

Reserving a Resource in HOL

Resources reservations are a way to “sign-out” or “sign-up” for available school facilities and equipment . You may reserve a resource by logging on to HOL and clicking on the button “Reserve a Room, Vehicle, or Cart” on the Employee Portal Homepage.

Choose the type of resource you will to reserve:

Select the date you would like to reserve the resource:

You may then filter by name but often it is easier to choose View All at this point:

Select your desired time slot by clicking on the start of your time block and dragging to the end of your time block:

In the pop-up window that appears, you may refine your time slot. If you reserving for and academic class period, please input the specific beginning and end times for that class period, so as not to block out reservation for periods before or after your class. Enter appropriate text in the required Description, Group Size and Notes boxes, then click on the Reserve a Resource button.

If your reservation requires an approval, you will receive an email with your reservation approval status.

Enjoy the use of your reserved resource!!

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In the Soft Orange Glow of My Phone…

If you find that the lights on your Hackley phone extension are all lit up (and you did not turn on your Do Not Disturb) like this:

Your phone is receiving power but likely did not boot up correctly. To resolve, simply disconnect the network cable from the back of the phone (the cable labeled with the network symbol),

 wait several seconds and then reconnect the cable. After a few minutes, your phone should restore to its normal state.