Top Ten Tech Tips & Tricks in Animated GIFS

10 – Flash on Safari


Is an Adobe Flash error message preventing your students from using the Safari browser? Simply have them use Chrome or Firefox instead to keep your class on track and report the problem when you have a moment.

9- Google Trap


Have you ever found yourself stuck between your multiple Google accounts and unable to get to your Google resources? Navigate to and click on your name in the upper right, log off, and then login to the Google account you wish to use.


Password not working? Check the caps lock key, also please check that you do not have a space before or after your username or password.

7 – Homepage look weird?


Do you have a mystery homepage in your Chrome browser? Or, is Chrome just acting wacky? You might have inadvertently installed a Chrome Extension you do not want. Click on the “three dots” in the upper right, click on More tools, then choose Extensions. Scroll through and trash any extension you do not want.

6 – Not Printing?

This is more a plea from IT than a tip/trick. If the item you printed does not show up in the printer you sent it to, PLEASE DO NOT try to print it again. Please double check all of your settings and submit a tech ticket if your job will not print. Printing multiple times simply backs up the printer queue and makes the issue more difficult for IT to resolve.

5 – Google Boxes

In the upper right corner of any Google page is a 3 X 3 set of boxes. Clicking on the boxes will reveal a navigation page to many Google apps.

4 – Need to get Hackley email on your iPhone/iPad?

Go to Settings, Mail, Accounts, Add Account, Exchange. Enter your email address and password and you should be all set.

3 – My desktop is not showing up on the projector!

This usually means that you do not have “mirroring” turned. On a Mac, go to Preferences, click on Display, choose the Arrangement tab and click the Mirror check box.

2 – No sound from the Smartbox?


You may have forgotten to turn on the amplifier switch on the bottom of the box or someone may have pressed the Mute button on Smart Box volume controls.

1 – The Restart!


Please remember that one of the most common remedies is to simply restart or power cycle your device.

Still stuck? please do not hesitate to submit a Tech Ticket!

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