Tech Tickets

Please try our new ticket website, which allows you to Search/Browse Help Articles (to find out answers to your tech questions), Report an Issue (need something fixed) or Request a Service (ex. Event Setup). Please review our Tech Ticket Infographic for a full explanation.

Be ready for remote tech support and make sure your Zoom software is up to date.

When filling out tickets, please remember a few basic guidelines:

    • Only one tech issue per ticket (if you have multiple issues please submit multiple tickets. They may get assigned to different personnel based on expertise)
    • If you need a projector setup (not a projector repair), please choose “Request a Service” and then “Event Setup”. We request submission of a minimum of one business day prior and prefer two business days prior to the event  for “Event Setup” tickets
    • Tickets will be assigned to Techs based on availability, familiarity, and expertise. Simple and non-subjective descriptions of the problems are greatly appreciated.
    • Tickets are for REPAIRS only. New equipment requests go through Department Heads to IT through the annual budget process.
    • Use the system to check status and/or reopen existing tickets. DO NOT RESUBMIT tickets.

The quickest way to getting a tech issue resolved is by submitting a tech ticket. Other communication methods about tech issues only make our ability to resolve your tech issues less efficient. We rely heavily on the ticketing system to make sure we are responding to everyone’s need as equitably as possible. If you have no way to submit a tech ticket (please remember that you can submit from a smartphone or ask someone to submit on your behalf),  you may call (914-906-1731) or email Jed directly. If you call on a new issue we will likely ask you to submit a ticket.

We constantly monitor tickets and use the ticketing system to manage our workflow.

Tickets produce a permanent record and allows us to report and reflect on the work we do and refine our workflow to improve overall support of the community.

B & G Ticket Submittal Guide –  B & G ticket submissions require an individual password as well as the submittal password,…Yes, sorry, two passwords is a not the way we would like it. Please refer to this guide for instructions on how to set up your individual password for the first time.