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Code-to-Learn Foundation

THE CODE-TO-LEARN FOUNDATION PROMOTES computational fluency for everyone. The Foundation supports projects that engage young people in learning through coding, enabling them to develop as creative thinkers, designers, and innovators. The Foundation believes that young people, as they learn to … Continue reading

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Very Young Programmers – NYTimes.com

By LISA GUERNSEY Published: September 2, 2013 Ten years ago, a computer programming language called Scratch emerged from the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using colorful stackable icons to represent the sequencing and logic of computer code, … Continue reading

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Scratch: Teaching the Difference Between Creating and Remixing | MindShift

Audrey Watters | August 11, 2011 The introductory programming language Scratch is on the cusp of having its 2 millionth project uploaded to its website. That’s an impressive number, and one that points not just to the widespread adoption of … Continue reading

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New Visual Tool Teaches Kids How to Code at Home | MindShift

As the conversation about education shifts towards helping students develop useful skills in life beyond the classroom, a new spotlight on computer coding has emerged. Kids are impressing adults with their creativity, with their facility in learning new technologies, and … Continue reading

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Learn To Code, Code To Learn | EdSurge News

Mitchel Resnick How programming prepares kids for more than math. Is it important for all children to learn how to write? After all, very few children grow up to become journalists, novelists, or professional writers. So why should everyone learn … Continue reading

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 Tynker is a new computing platform designed specifically to teach children computational learning and programming skills in a fun and imaginative way. Tynker is inspired by Scratch from MIT. It is a completely browser-based implementation written using Open Web standards … Continue reading

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Making Games in the Classroom with Scratch – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education

I’ve discussed the potential value of learning some scripting for any major in the past, and President Obama recently called for more of a focus on making sure students know “how to actually produce stuff” with computers, citing game design … Continue reading

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Kinect2Scratch allows data from the Microsoft Kinect controller be sent to Scratch, the programming language for kids from the MIT Media Laboratory. This means that anyone can write programs with motion control, use gestures, make kinetic games and generally leap … Continue reading

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Mitch Resnick: Let’s teach kids to code

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Object-Oriented Programming – Scratch Wiki

Is Scratch OOP? Whether or not Scratch is Object-oriented is disputable. It definitely uses objects, namely sprites; however, you currently cannot dynamically generate sprites. In Scratch 2.0, however, cloning will be supported. This will allow for dynamically generated sprites. Arguments against Scratch being OOP … Continue reading

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