Algoid – features – programming language for kids and beginners !

If you want to learn how to program with a simple but complete language and ide (functional, object oriented with a debugger)If you do not want to relearn a language the day you want to go to java, javascript, lua, c or c++If you want to always have your program in your pocket and be able to complete it where you want, as soon as you have a great ideaOr if you are a teacher and you want to teach programming to your students or perhaps your own kidsAlgoid is for you !Algoid is the first (and at least the only one) language on mobile platform to process its own debugger, step by step execution mode and scope explorer in realtime.Algoid is a software designed to simplify the fascinating art of programming.Algoid is intended for future developers between 10 to 65 years old and for developers who want to do some research on algorithms.

Source: Algoid – features – programming language for kids and beginners !

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