Hopscotch Curriculum

We’re really excited that you’re going to teach your students to program, both for them and for you. Kids have remarkable imaginations, and creating computer programs is an amazing way for them to express themselves. We’ve seen kids create astonishing things using our simple but powerful tool. We know you’ll see the same when using Hopscotch, and hope you share what your students create. Anyone, regardless of their experience in programming, can teach this curriculum. Just as Hopscotch was built on the principle that anyone can become a great programmer, this curriculum is designed on the premise that anyone can become a great programming teacher. Programming is a way of thinking, building, and expressing yourself. Just as English is not really about grammar, and history is not memorizing dates, computer programming is not actually about code or computers. Just as we ask students to make connections between events in history, we ask students to investigate the interactions between complex systems in computer science.

Hopscotch Curriuculum

Hopscotch Curriculum You Tube

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