Why schools need to figure out how to deal with ChatGPT | The Star

It can quickly spew out a B-level essay. But will it spark a rise in cheating? Educators are scrambling to decide whether to ban the tool or embrace it.

By Janet Hurley
Senior Writer
Sat., Jan. 21, 2023

Ontario’s largest school boards and universities are responding in a range of ways to ChatGPT: from wait-and-see positions to striking committees and offering training for staff.

It can write a decent essay or solve homework questions in seconds. It can spit out code to find all prime numbers between one and 100 or provide an eerily humanlike explanation of the thematic importance of Piggy’s glasses in “Lord of the Flies.”

So when the touted software program that can do all this is asked whether educators should fear it, its response is both comforting and disconcerting.

“It is understandable that you might have concerns about ChatGPT,” the large language model chatbot says in unfurling text across a screen. “However, it is important to remember that these models are simply tools that are designed to assist users with tasks … They are not intended to replace human beings or to perform tasks that require higher levels of cognition.”

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