Latest Writing – Middle Schoolers, You Rock!!! Seriously, You’re Amazing!


Ode to a Basket

by: Fiona P. ’26, Juno Y. ’26 & Keira P. ’26


The basket is like a meadow,

With tall gra-ses and a faded barn.

It travels, floating on the water,

Filling with sugary and sweet delights.

Reminding me of joyfully walking through orchards

Swinging baskets around.   but in truth

The basket is nothing but an old, broken down thing.


Food at Hackley

by: Jack Y. ’24


Food at Hackley is delicious

Specially the Cheddar Sandwich

I just ate one

My tastebuds said yum


Yesterday We Had to do a Lot of Court Sprints: A Haibun

by: Charlotte F. ’24


Yesterday we had to do a lot of court sprints during tennis practice. They made me really tired.  Now my muscles ache a lot and it hurts to laugh.

Ripples of wind fly

Through petals of young flowers

They float gently down


Ye Olde Town

by: Afsana D. ’23


What has this town

Been through and seen?

This old lonely road

Holds secrets we cannot understand,

Through the cracks in the pavement

Grow fragments of its past.

The road’s asphalt

Have stories aching to be heard

Buried underneath.

Ye Olde Town!

In which treasures lie!

Treasures underneath

Tales untold

Tales of bravery,

All glossed over

With the changing of the world.

Even still, this road stands

People have come and gone

This road still stands.

Buildings from the old,

Wares from the new,

People have come from all across the globe

Just to see

Ye Olde Town.

This town has been silent

But soon it will speak

Only to those

Who listen.

Ye Olde Town!

Holding its own rustic charm.

Ye Olde Town!

Refusing to succumb to the new.

Ye Olde Town!

What have you in store?

For the weary traveler,

Seeking your tale?

The one

Who is willing to listen?

What will you tell them?

What will you say?

Ye Olde Town,

Ye Olde Town.

Standing still,

Moving fast.

People cross

People pass.

Another night,

Another day.

Ye Olde Town,

What have you to say?


Why Weren’t There Tacos Today?

by: Aiden w. ’24


Why weren’t there tacos today? It would make everyone happy. After a hard day a treat is good.

They sit in the dark.

Everyone passes by

Alone from all touch.

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