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Makerspaces are workshops with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and community in which students can learn, experiment with new tools, develop skills, and become innovators and designers. They can exist as a corner within a classroom, as a portable cart, as a room that is part of a school library or computer lab, or as a stand-alone shop or facility.Makerspace programs can provide significant benefits to a school community in terms of student engagement, empowerment, and content learning as well as 21st century skills.

The design and implementation of a makerspace are critical to its success. While exciting digital tools may draw students in, it’s the empowered learning that keeps students engaged. Makerspace leaders should consider activities, training, and academic integration to be at least as important as the tools and materials.

The Edgerton Center periodically offers workshops for K-12 educators on how best to integrate a makerspace into the classroom. Check this page for upcoming workshops.

Source: Makerspaces | Edgerton Center

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