3rd Grade French lessons with US students – Tres bien!

One of the greatest things, in my opinion, is when we can have collaboration of instruction between grade levels and subjects. It forces the children to look at their instruction in a new light, outside of the context than how it was presented. In third grade, our students read the novel The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson. This morning the Upper School French students, led my Madame Crepeau and the 3rd grade teachers, met with the entire third grade team to discuss the French culture and pronunciation of some of the words they were encountering in their text. Students compared and contrasted Parisian life and how it is presented in the text, taking into account the time period. They also forayed into the world of word study; learning about masculine/feminine articles in speech, common sayings that are used, as well as understanding the reasons behind commonly used phrases within the novel. As Mrs. Harmon stated, it makes “the novel come alive” for their students.


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