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By Katie Lepi on March 30, 2014

Coding is more important now than ever before. With computer related jobs growing at a rate estimated to be 2x faster than other types of jobs, coding is becoming an important literacy for students to have and a more integral part of education and curricula. The handy infographic below takes a look at some of the interesting statistics about coding and computer science jobs. So if you aren’t yet sure why learning to code is important, you’ll find out below. Keep reading to learn more!

Coding: The Job of The Future

  • It is estimated that by 2020, computer related employment will increase by 22%
  • This will mean about 1.4 million jobs in computer science
  • The strongest demand will be for software developers
  • Computer programming jobs are growing at a rate estimated to be 2x faster than other types of jobs
  • Less than 2.4% of graduates graduate with a computer science degree
  • If current job trends continue, US citizens will only fill 30% of our country’s computer science jobs
  • Beginning in September 2014, England is implementing a compulsory computer coding in schools at all grade levels
  • A new bill has been introduced in the US which would qualify computer coding as a foreign language, and allocate grants for schools to teach coding as early as kindergarten
  • According to one CEO, an employee who understands how to code is worth $500,000 to $1M towards a company’s acquisition price

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