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Coding is the new literacy. It gives individuals the power to innovate and create. We need to empower our youth, especially those from underrepresented communities, to be tinkerers and to look under the hood of technology.

Because of a deficiency in early exposure to computer science, underrepresented youth are increasingly being marginalized from high-quality careers in the tech sector. For example, of all tech industry workers in the United States in 2012, only 22% were women, and African-Americans and Latinos each made up less than 5%. CodeNow believes this disparity is growing not from lack of interest but from a lack of access to computer programming.

CodeNow is a nonprofit that teaches foundational skills in computer programming to underserved high school students. We partner with community organizations to hold free, extra curricular, off campus trainings for high school students. Our program is essential because it lowers the barriers normally associated with technology by giving students exposure to programming at an early age when they are beginning to explore their options and opportunities. We are currently operating in New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

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