Hackley School Educational Technology

Student Technology Needed for School

Hackley School supports a BYOD, (Bring Your Own Device), environment which requires all upper school students to bring a personal digital device to school each day to support their learning. The minimum specification for this device is a Chromebook. Student personal devices will be given access to the school’s wireless network which students will use to access the wide variety of online learning resources and tools supported by the school.

Included within this site are Frequently Asked Questions about the program in general, including the minimum technical specifications for the student device, information on the support the school can offer, and financial aid information for qualified families. Also included is information about the use of digital texts and student requirements which are to be completed prior to the start of school. 

Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us if additional questions should arise:

Jed Dioguardi, Director of Technology

Melissa Tranchida, Director of Instructional Technology, Chair – Computer Science Dept.

Andy King, US Director

Erich Tusch, Instructional Technology Support