Worried About ChatGPT? Don’t Be | Inside Higher Ed

ChatGPT raises questions about what we value in writing instruction, Hetal Thaker writes.

Hetal Thaker
January 23, 2023

A silver robotic hand holds a pencil as if to write.

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Perhaps because it showed up at the end of the fall semester, when so many of us were exhausted from grading, from the tripledemic, from Zoom meetings, or maybe because we knew something like this was coming—we just knew it—but news of ChatGPT’s ability to write what many consider to be perfectly adequate student essays has not settled well on higher education.

Stephen Marche tells us “The College Essay Is Dead,” while, in a separate essay for The Atlantic, Daniel Herman considers “The End of High-School English.” Even Google seems concerned about sharing its turf. Google!

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