Rainy Day Poems

I was Born on a 4 Square Foot Houseboat

by: Fiona P. ’26


I was born on a 4 square foot houseboat off

the coast of Java

I grew up on the foothills of Cambodia


I was born all grown up

My mother had a braid as long as her memory

She wrapped me in her hair,

cut it off,

and died.

Her hair was healing

It gave me death

So I could live


I Have Powers

by: Keira P. ’26

I have powers, powers that no

one can see, a power too strong

to describe, this power is me

I like me.


I am an apple

by: Juno Y. ’26


I am an apple.  A worm bites through me and I die.

I am an orange.  My skin is peeled off and I die.

I am a lemon.  My innards are squeezed out and I die.

I am a kiwi.  I am sliced in half and I die.

I am a blue raspberry.  I am crushed and I die.

I am a blueberry.  A thumb squishes me and I die.

I am a grape.  My heart is pulled out and I die for the final time.



by: Afsana D. ’23


This salty, vast, expanse

That’s all many knew.

The wind howling,

Waves churning and peaking,

Crashing against the rocks

I stare out at this expanse

As I have been for years

The wind

Biting away at my bricks,

I’ve seen things over the decades

People come, people go

Birds make their homes on my head

Sunrise, sunset

Sunrise, sunset

Over and over again

I lead them home

Always have

Always will

Lost in the endless

They disappear

Over the horizon

When the sun is gone

I guide the lost ones

With my light

The salty breeze

The endless blue

All I have known

All I ever will know

Is home

Endless home



The Urchin’s Demise

by: Jad B. ’24

“…winking and glimmering under the setting sun.”

— John Steinbeck


Waves crashed over the sandy beach.

Salty water washed away seashells.

The boy sat with feet dangling from the wall.

He was not alone in wondering.

A tiny sea urchin drifted up besides him, small as a pebble.

As tiny as the slowly fading sun.


His eyes were bright, a light yellow like the rays of the sun.

Footprints strewn across the beach.

The ripples on the coast caused by skipping stones, flat pebbles.

Sharp edges and broken seashells.

The boy sat deeply in thought, wondering.

Pressed in his thighs was the cold edge of the sea wall.


Reflected light glinted off of the wall.

The boy sat, gazing at the sun.

Always wondered where he came from, sadly wondering.

He had no memories, but he could remember the beach.

He always felt at home, among animals and seashells.

The sky turned black, making him feel small as a pebble.


The boy picked up a small stone, a sturdy pebble.

Flung it as hard as he could at the wall.

It cracked in half. Smack! scattered across the seashells.

Dark clouds arrived, replacing the sun

Droplets of rain began spattering the beach.

He hid in an alcove in the seawall, still wondering.


Ever the curious one, he began wondering.

Maybe the urchin had been wiped out by a pebble.

Maybe caught in a stream, and swept off of the beach.

Had it gotten lucky and latched onto the sturdy wall?

The winds picked up, and he got a glimpse of the sun

Returning rays cast an eerie glow over the seashells.


He spotted the urchin’s body among the seashells

This put an end to his wishful wondering.

Its spindly legs shined in the light of the sun

Laying next to the cracked pebble

The boy watched from the safety of the wall

As the urchin’s soul ascended from the beach.


The orange glow of the sun illuminated the seashells

He slept on the beach, his dreams aiding him in wondering

A small pebble embedded in the expanse of the wall.


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