Science News Summary Rubric



3 pts


2 pts

Needs work

1 pt

Summary Captures and communicates the main points of the article Captures some of the main points or does not stick to the main points and includes too much supportive information Reflects little understanding of the main points of the article
Significance Aptly expresses why the article is of significance to society and why, personally, he/she chose the article Expresses either why the article was chosen or how the article is significant to society but not both Does not express why the article was chosen or how the article is significant to society.
Format Identifies the title,  source and attaches the article One of the three listed is missing. Two of the three listed are missing.
Writing All statements are in students own words.

Correct spelling and grammar used throughoutOne phrase very similar to one in the original article. One or two spelling or grammatical errors

Two or three phrases very similar to ones in the original article. Three or more errors



FINAL TOTAL:  __________


Note:  If your article is not related to science, or if your summary has four or more phrases similar to those in the original article, the assignment will be returned to you.  It may be redone within two days and returned with 3 points deducted.


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