Science News Summary Guidelines

Task: You are to find a recent science article. You may use the internet, newspapers, or magazines. You need to create a summary of the article.

 During your summary, make sure you include the answers to the following questions.

Paragraph 1

  • What is the article about? What are the main points?

 Paragraph 2

  • What does this article mean for science? Is this brand new breaking news? Does it change the way we look at our old evidence?
  • Why did you choose this article?
  • Why is the information in the article important to the world? How does this relate to what we’ve learned?


1) The article should be dated within the past two weeks.

2) Your article summary needs to include:

The title of the article

The Source: where you found it

3) Your article summary needs to be typed into Google docs, and you must share it with me (

It should be approximately a half page.

 4) Your summary should use proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

5) If you have found your article online, you must include the hyperlink (website address) in your assignment.

6) If you did not find the article online, you must hand in a copy of the article.

7) Once you have revised your summary with Mrs. DiStefano on Google docs, you should copy and paste it into our 4th Grade Science News blog.



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