Some beetles can go in and out of frogs

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Most beetles will digest by frogs but some can walk through unharmed. The digestive system of a frog is not as strong as some animals’ so a bug can crawl out. This was a very mind-blowing discovery. Nobody really knows how they do it. Most bugs get digested by frogs, obviously. Many scientists are  trying to learn about bugs and digestion with fish, birds, and frogs. Scientists in Japan feed bugs to predators to see what happens. People think that bugs have evolved from other things, Nobody really knows about them. There is a lack of oxygen in a frog’s belly, so most bugs don’t survive. Some people think if  they don’t get digested, the frog will spit them out but they just come out of it’s behind. Only 10 kinds of observed  beetles have survived. I think maybe they don’t need to breathe? Also some people think that they are aquatic. 

I chose this article because it sounded interesting. Beatles can go out of frogs’ digestive system. It was a very fun project to work on. It was very interesting to find out how beetles can go in and out of frogs. At first I thought it was funny but then I thought it was very interesting and very cool because only 10 kinds of beetles can go in and out of the frog’s digestive system unharmed.

By Ben 4S

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