National Zoo’s Adorable Giant Panda Cub Is Two Months Old!

On August  21, 2020,  a 21 year old panda gave birth to a little baby panda at the Smithsonian National Zoo.  The little baby panda was helpless; he couldn’t see, hear, or walk. Zookeepers were excited and scared,  because it is hard to keep little baby pandas alive. But the mom panda took excellent care of him and he is  thriving. His mom is now able to walk him to the door and sometimes outside. He is also turning out to be pretty feisty. When he is a hundred days old, his name will be announced.   

    This article is important because it shows you how  friendly and kind animals are. It also is important because it shows you the  life of a baby panda, and it tells you how to take care of a baby panda. It shows how the baby panda was helpless but the mom took care of him and showed how good animals can parent their child without the help of humans. I chose this article to show people animals aren’t bad or scary. We should all let them live their lives unless they need help. We all should respect animals and treat them kindly. Baby pandas are very rare, so we need to take care of them the right way, which the zookeepers did. That is what I think this article means for science. Another reason why I chose this article is because baby pandas are most likely to be endangered soon, so we have to take care of them.

By Luke 4S

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