Boulder, Colorado Wakes up to the Threat of Worsening Wildfires

This article is about how bad fires are getting in Colorado. One fact is that this year, the largest in state history is called Cameron Peak Fire and has burned down more than 207,000 acres since mid August. The second largest fire in state history is called East Trubbleson Fire, started October 13, and a few days later it grew by 140,000 acres in a single night it had burned 190,000 acres and an estimated 300-400 houses. A snowstorm provided some relief on October 25. Nearly 700,000 acres, almost 1,100 square miles, have been burned in Colorado. Almost a third of it happened in October. Almost all of Colorado is now experiencing severe, extreme drought.  

This article means for the world that fires seem to be getting worse and we could stop it. I don’t think it changes the way we look at the old evidence, but it seems to mean that fires are getting worse everyday. I chose this article because it seemed really interesting and seemed like something the world should know. This information is important to the world because when wildfires happen, they are dangerous and could cause humongous damage to the world shown above. We haven’t learned something like this I think but we might. 

 By Cadence 4F

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