Drug-resistant superbug thriving in hospitals hit hard by COVID-19


Doctors are worrying that a dangerous yeast that can colonize a person’s skin, without generating symptoms, is rising because medical centers are overrun. This is a drug-resistant superbug thriving in hospitals hit hard by Covid-19. Over Christmas break, 2015, Johanna Rhodes got an email from a doctor working at Royal Brompton Hospital, the biggest heart and lung center in all of the United Kingdom. The doctor said there was a dangerous yeast that was coming into the patients’ skin. The doctor told Johanna to take a look and she asked herself, “How bad can it be?” recalls Johanna, an infectious disease expert at Imperial College London. Johanna stepped in to help one of the world’s top cardiology hospitals. The germ was Candida auris, not known at the time. What she saw stunned her. Do you think Covid-19 was bad? Candida is a superbug, a pathogen that is an early sign of COVID-19 which may be infections of dangerous yeast. That is because Candida auris is particularly prominent in hospital settings, which have been flooded with people this year because of COVID-19. Candida auris sticks to things like paper, railings, door handles, and medical devices. That is how people get Candida auris. They have also seen Candida auris get into acute care hospitals and also in COVID-19 units. Candida auris is very hard to get rid of.

I chose this article because It was an important message to everyone. I saw the picture for the article and it looked science related and interesting. I think everyone should know about Candida auris. Candida auris is breaking news because it relates to COVID-19. This does not change the way we look at old evidence. This does not relate to anything we learned in science. I think this is a very interesting article by Sophie Cousins.

By Sam 4F

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