A Glowing New Way to Measure Antibodies

A glowing new way to measure antibodies

When people get sick, their immune system sends germ fighting troops to fight the disease and make them feel better. The germ fighting troops are antibodies. In order to study the antibodies, scientists need blood samples. At first, they need a vial of blood to run all the tests. Then, scientists figured out a way to use less blood, instead of a vial, they only need a pinprick or a little more than a drop of blood. The tests scientists came up with is a glow test where the colors turn blue and green. When you have the antibody they are looking for, it turns blue. When you don’t, the color is blue-greenish.      

This article explained to us a way to look for antibodies. Scientists even figured out how to use very little blood to run the test. This is important because we are learning about measurements. Knowing how to measure can help us to understand what we need for a test. Just like Friday mornings when we have to spit into a vial and we need to fill the vial more than half way so we can run the tests. I chose this article because I was curious about how people could find a new way to measure antibodies.

By Jojo 4S


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  1. Norah Mott says:

    Cool! I wish they had this when I got antibody tested!

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