How  the Fashion Industry is Responding to Climate Change

The trend in fashion are like cropped t-shirts and scrunchies. But it takes 2700 liters of water how to make a single one of those fashion trends. Non-biodegradable fabric can last in landfills for up to 200 years. Rethink how you dress and shop. You can use the online help for clean shopping! One of the main points of the article is, if you grow out of clothes every two weeks, donate your past clothes to a website to donate to homeless or clothes-less people.  Making one pair of jeans is like driving 69 miles a car, so stay fashionable, yet eco-friendly! 

This is not breaking news.  Climate change is happening all around the world, and it’s especially affecting the fashion industry. We haven’t talked about climate change in science in the three years I have been at Hackley School. You have to be aware of the clothes that you buy. So yet again, stay eco-friendly!        

By Meron 4O  

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5 Responses to How  the Fashion Industry is Responding to Climate Change  

  1. Lyla says:

    This is very interesting, Meron. You taught me that we really do need to focus more on climate change. I also did an article about global warming:

  2. sarah sichel-outcalt says:

    I watched a video about how they make clothes, it’s cool! I agree with you, we should
    try not to waste our clothes.

  3. sophia says:

    I never new that it took that much water to make things like a shirt! You really taught me something!

  4. Mia Shi 4L says:

    As Lyla said, wonderfully done! I also have an article on global warming.

  5. Ryan says:

    You added to my thought about climate change.

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