Scientists find the Secret Ingredient to Blowing Gigantic Bubbles

Physicist Justin Burton became curious about bubbles when he saw some boys on the road blowing huge bubbles. He thought they were incredible. So when he got back home, he took a big bubble wand and started blowing. Scientists have been studying the physics of bubbles for a long time, and now Burton has created a new bubble recipe and can share what makes the bubbles stretch without popping. The secret ingredient is a polymer. A polymer is a chain of the same molecule made by chemically linking blocks. Burton says the polymer that’s called guar works the best for making giant bubbles. Guar also is used to thicken foods like ice cream! 

The biggest bubble ever blown used guar and had a volume of 96.27 cubic meters which could fit about 13,545 basketballs inside it. What is interesting it that that huge bubble only used about one cup of bubble solution. So I’m guessing when we have a small amount of solution”,” we could use that to make very big bubbles! 

Laurent Courbin, another scientist studying bubbles, said, “Polymer molecules added in soapy water not only increase the viscosity of the liquid, but also change the specific way it flows.” He did several different experiments with bubbles. For his first experiment,  he tested how thick they were. To do that, he had to make a device that could create a bubble and hold it. After it was in place, he shone a light through it. It was a special light called infrared light. If they used a visible or regular light, that would go through the bubble without changing. (That is why bubbles are transparent, because regular light shines through them.) Infrared light gets absorbed by liquid. By measuring the amount of infrared light that gets through, scientists can calculate how thick the bubble is. Next Courbin did experiments on how far bubbles could stretch. They did many experiments and found that adding guar or any other form of polymers makes bubbles stretch more. 

I chose this article because I like bubbles, and I also think physics is very interesting. It is important because bubbles are probably going to be a lot bigger now. The companies that make bubbles will add a type of polymer to their bubble solution, and they will keep trying to make them bigger and better. In the past, bubbles were just something to play with and not ever studied scientifically. Now, science has researched bubbles and discovered a lot about them.

By Evelyn 4T

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6 Responses to Scientists find the Secret Ingredient to Blowing Gigantic Bubbles 

  1. Evelyn Murthy says:

    Feel free to ask questions about my article. I know the chemistry was a bit complicated.

  2. Nicholas says:

    I like the chemistry in this article; that is why I also chose this article.

  3. Meron 40 says:

    Wow, Evelyn! Thats so cool! I liked how you used so many expert quotes.

  4. Steven S. says:

    They used a different measuring tool (light) that we don’t usually use.

  5. Jack says:

    That is so cool! It seems incredible that bubbles can be blown using food thickening. I wonder where they blew the bubble that could fit all the basketballs?

  6. Ryan says:

    I mainly like this article because of the chemistry.

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