How Antarctica is Melting from Above and Below

How Antarctica is melting from above and below

Global warming is causing the glaciers to melt. The face of the ice mountains is melting into light blue lakes. Warm water rivers under the weak parts of the ice are causing them to melt. For the last ten years researchers have been studying the blue water lakes. Recently a new study was written. More research is needed to understand the harm of the lakes and rivers.  

 I chose this article because it is interesting to me. It explains that houses    close to the ocean (including one of my houses) could flood when the sea level rises. Global warming is not breaking news because scientists have known about global warming for a long time. This article is important to science because scientists could try and figure out some way to stop the ice from melting. This information is important to the world because it will help people and scientists stop global warming. This relates to our measurement unit  because the scientists were measuring how long, how wide, and how deep the lakes were. 

By Elizabeth 4T

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5 Responses to How Antarctica is Melting from Above and Below

  1. Evelyn Murthy says:

    That is not good. Global warming is a really big problem. You did a great job explaining it.

  2. Evelyn Wang says:

    I don’t get what blue water lakes are, could you explain that please?

  3. Katie Yalmokas says:

    Is the heat making polar bears and other animals die? It’s really sad to hear all of this global warming stuff yet it is also very interesting. I love animals and its always really scary to think if they are getting hurt. Great job!

  4. Elleana says:

    It is sad to think about how many things global warming will affect. I wonder if scientists know when the houses near the coasts are going to start to flood?

  5. sophia says:

    I never new that we are thousands of miles away and something that is all the way down there could affect us!

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