Is climate change fanning megafires?

Wildfires cause a lot of destruction to our world. Six of the state’s worst fires blazed in 2017 and 2018. There was a wildfire which burned through Napa Valley in 2017. Before it ended, the wildfire took  22 lives.There was also a wildfire in California. Wildfires do a lot of damage. People who live near forests are in more danger. Climate change is also wildfires. Nowadays, scientists are trying to do more research about what causes wildfires. First, it needs a spark. It also needs litter (leaves, sticks, etc).  It also depends on the weather; it needs to be windy with no rain to spread. 

I chose this article because I care about nature, animals, and people in danger. We need to all protect the nature that we have and try not to destroy it. This is important to the earth because if so many wildfires continue, then the earth will be destroyed. If we try to prevent wildfires we will help protect the earth.

By Tian Cheng 4T

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  1. Jerry 40 says:

    Wildfires really take many people’s lives. Everyone should really participate in “defeating” the climate change.

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