What Whales and Dolphins Left Behind for Life in the Ocean

What Whales and Dolphins Left Behind for Life in the Ocean

A long time ago, early ancestors of whales and dolphins started a new life in the ocean. Did you know whales and other sea mammals go without fresh oxygen for long periods of time? But this can cause DNA damage. Scientists reported that they lost specific genes that would be a liability the depths of the ocean. One of their lost genes produced an enzyme involved in DNA repair. Other lost genes were involved in blood coagulation. They gained flippers, the ability to hold their breath, and tough skin. That’s the sea life we  know today.

I chose this article because I really enjoy learning about sea life. I think it’s important to know that whales and other sea mammals weren’t always the way they now are. I don’t think this is anything too important but just a fun thing to know. I don’t believe this changes anything we once thought. This is almost the complete opposite of what I’m currently learning, but I chose this because I also just love to challenge myself.

By William 4O

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