This deadly mushroom can literally shrink your brain–and it’s probably more widespread than we thought

The very deadly mushroom, Podostroma cornu-damae (also known as Poison Fire Coral fungus), is more widespread than anyone knew. It was thought to only be in Japan and Korea, but soon after it was also found in Java and Papua. Podostroma cornu-damae was recently found in Australia and carefully brought in for an examination. This mushroom is the only one that Podostroma cornu-damae’s toxins can be taken in through the skin. When eaten, you can experience hair loss, peeling skin, shrinking of the cerebellum, and fewer white blood cells. How fast the symptoms come depends on how much you eat. For example, if you eat little, your symptoms come later, and if you eat more, your symptoms come sooner. 

This article means that deadly species of mushrooms can be spread out all over the world. This means that humans have to be careful with mushrooms that we touch and eat. I chose this article because I love to read about mysterious things, so when I saw the cover I wanted to read, and then when I started I could not stop. When I finished, I wanted to warn everyone of this exciting new discovery! It is important to the world because if no one tells people about the deadly mushrooms, then they won’t be aware and they might see it and touch it, or even worse eat it! 

By Sophia 4O

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