Gecko Feet 


Geckos feet can stick to anything; ever wonder why?  They can climb on smooth surfaces, like glass, leaves, and trees. Fifty years ago, scientists noticed that Geckos have microscopic suction cups on the bottom of their feet to provide grip.  Scientists observed that Geckos had chevron shaped pads on their toes composed of an array of brush- like creations called setae. Scientists believed Gecko toes were capped by little suction cups that help them cling to the surface of anything. Twenty years ago, new scientists learned that Gecko feet do not actually have suction cups, but they have enough setae hair-like formations to act like suction cups. This discovery has lead to new technology that allows for people to climb on glass. In addition, space robots reach out and grab junk in space using the same example of Gecko’s toe hairs.

I chose this article because I always imagined that geckos had suction cups on their toes. This article is interesting because gecko hairs can be used as a tool for modern day use.  An example from nature is a technology piece that we use now. I wonder what animals will lead to a new discovery that can be put to good use for the world.

By Vivian 4O


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  1. Meron 40 says:

    Cool Vivian! Your article was good writing material. It was a good summary.

  2. Kendall says:

    Wow!! I like how you put on some interesting facts! Nice summary.

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