Researchers have caught the first glimpse of filaments that connect galaxies together. Theories evolved and scientists started using technology to test them. They thought that gas flows around filaments, creating intersections with each other and forming a web. A group of researchers made a device that was able to take pictures of the web. They studied a group of young galaxies for 30 hours, and they finally collected enough light on that same spot to see a piece of the cosmic web. Now we know there are whole other galaxies that are connected to ours.

I chose the article, “Astronomers may have spotted strands in the ‘cosmic web’ linking galaxies,” by Charlie Wood from Popular Science, This article proves that scientists have spotted the cosmic web for the first time. I think that scientists will study this more and figure out the true secrets of this universe. When they do, the world, galaxies, and the universe will forever be thought about differently. I chose this article because it is related to one of my favorite movies and because I have always been interested in space and how the universe works. This information will give the world a whole new meaning, and then people may start realizing how important the universe really is. Hopefully, people will realize why we are here. We survived, and now the world is falling apart. We keep taking advantage of the resources we are given and we are not working hard enough to repay the universe for what it has given us. In the end, everyone comes together to be the world we know today. Let’s make it better and not let each other down. We have to stand together to make the universe stronger. Most of all, we have to make each other stronger because all people are equal and non-physically we are all the same in strength.      

By Noah 4T

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