Can we build a tower to the stars?

Ah space, a vast void of stars, plaints, and much more. But have you ever thought of building from Earth to the stars? You might think this is an amazing and great idea. But behold, this is sadly not possible yet 🙁 🙁 🙁 . Here is why.

There is no guarantee where space starts. It would be a huge problem to determine how much material we need to get to the stars. Also, a tower of some sort would be too heavy for Earth to support. This is because at 30 kilometers (17 miles), Earth’s crust isn’t very deep. If we did have this tower, the tower would be pushing too hard, the Earth could possibly snap in roughly one thousand  years. ( No worries, this theory is if we actually had a tower up to space.) Say you are in an elevator leaving Earth. It will feel like a normal elevator ride at first, but the pressure is on! Gravity starts to gradually increase, but you get through. Then, your elevator is flinging around and then … BOOM! Your elevator sling-shots out into the vast void of stars. Carbon nanotubes are our answer to building our tower. It would be our number one tool. For our tower cord, the strength of the ribbon would not only depend on our material that we use, but also, how it’s woven. Woven right, our space elevator is ready. Keep in mind, this project could take years to make. There are people trying to build to the stars. Maybe, one day, someone will look at this tower and say, “ Wow, just wow.”

I chose this article because I thought it was fascinating and super awesome and cool. Also, I thought this article was unique and no one else would pick it. This is important for the world and the people who will dedicate five decades of their life to plan, and would build to the stars. This article is not breaking news traveling through the world. This changed the way I look at gravity and leaving Earth. This summary relates to our space, mass, and gravity units in science.  

 By William 4T

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  1. Jack 40 says:

    Will, that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The article you chose was very interesting!

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