Students strike to spur adults into climate action

Students all over the world are cutting classes to protest climate change. They want adults to take more action in reducing greenhouse gases from being put into the atmosphere.  As of March 6, there were 596 planned events across 64 countries. Policies need to be put in place by the government to lower greenhouse gases or stop them from going into the air.  Many students feel stress and anxiety because climate change will be a horrible problem for their future. One way students can deal with their stress is to take action. The protests are the way students can be a part of changing their future.

This article deals with climate change which is not a new topic in science.  The new part is that students are taking charge and making adults know they want action now. Students fighting for their future could be what makes governments want to take action. I chose this article because it will directly affect my future. The information in this article is important to the world because climate change is happening now.  If the world does not take this seriously, then our future is in great danger.

By Julia 4O

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