‘Listen and help us’:Kids worldwide are on strike for the climate


In this article, kids from all around the world fight for global warming. This strike is led by one very important and brave person, Greta Thunberg. She is only 16 years old and was born in Sweden. Thanks to Greta, now kids are realizing what’s happening and are joining in on the movement. Adults worldwide are failing us. Later on they will regret this.

This article explains that adults are failing their kids and not caring. Adults are only doing half of what they can do in this process to help. However kids from all around the world are doing almost everything they can to slow down global warming. This effort led to a march on Friday September nineteenth. Although global warming has been an issue for decades, this strike is all breaking news to adults all around the globe. Adults are thinking, “I’m doing well protecting the earth and your saying I’m not doing anything? This is outrageous!” However this does not change old evidence because we have always known that we need to take part to slow and stop global warming.I chose this article because I thought that people should realize how important this is and how we need to fix it. This information is helpful because everyone needs to wake up and see how much of a problem this is! If we don’t stop global warming soon, then this will become a really big problem.

By Lyla 4L

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